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Path of Exile's Incursion league is time-bending ziggurat

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Dołączył: 12 Gru 2017
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PostWysłany: Wto Sty 15, 2019 08:19    Temat postu: Path of Exile's Incursion league is time-bending ziggurat Odpowiedz z cytatem

As much fun as collecting critters was in Path of Exile‘s Bestiary league, it perhaps got a bit away from the heart of the free-to-play action RPG: running around dungeons, kicking stuff over and hoarding the loot. The next league – Incursion – starting on June 1st brings us back to basics with a twist: travel to the past to violently carve out your own perfect side-dungeon, then pick its bones clean in the future.

The ultimate goal of Incursions is to connect enough rooms to ensure a path to the Apex of Atzoatl, where you’ll fight the Temple’s boss, Vaal Omnitect, in the present-day Temple. The Vaal Omnitect is a challenging boss who can drop special uniques, powerful items, and vials which can be used to upgrade Incursion unique items. In the process of securing this path, you’ll also be upgrading and changing rooms to your desire, offering different benefits and rewards once you run your completed Temple.

It can get very complex, from the sounds of Steven's piece. Each room has competing 'architects' that want to design the room a certain way. Kill one architect and the other is free to do their work, changing the room and potentially impacting the rest of the temple. You can travel back to the same room more than once during your 11 incursions, giving one architect multiple chances to upgrade the room to their liking. Buy Cheap Path of Exile Orbs from gain a 3% discount by using the code “5MMO”.

That’s tied to rooms’ basic design, which is influenced by the architects who built them in the past. Each room has two. In some, one of the architects is dominant when a room is generated. Kill him, and the other architect takes over and changes the nature of the room, say from lightning to fire. Kill the fire architect in a room that’s already lightning-influenced, however, and the lightning architect upgrades the tier of the room, making it more difficult but offering greater rewards. In some rooms, neither architect is dominant at the start, and killing one grants the other power over the room.

Perhaps the two biggest changes to existing skills is actually tied into some of the new ones; Vaal skills and traps are getting some significant attention. Currently, players only get to use a Vaal skill when it is fully charged with souls. With this new leaguespansion, however, when players equip a Vaal skill they will get both the Vaal and a normal version to add to their arsenal. That means players don’t have to wait to use the skill; instead, they can utilize the normal version and then pop the more powerful Vaal when it is fully charged. As for traps, they are switching to aggressive bombs that can be tossed out instead of things players have to preset. Wilson stated that the trapper build can now be recommended as a starting one.

Around the end of August we'll be getting another ambitiously large league, with similar development scope to Incursion. Much like Incursion, this update will contain a set of new skills and revamps for some the old and fairly underutilized ones, with the end goal being to increase the amount of new and viable builds. More information regarding this update will be coming in early August.
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Wysłany: Wto Sty 15, 2019 08:19    Temat postu:

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